Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Rules - Subway Style.

Black and white graphic subway art is all the rage now at places like Restoration Hardware and Ballard Designs and such. I've made my own version here using a list of "family rules" - this would be a huge piece (like 22" wide by 28" tall) you'd either put on a big wooden sign or on the wall. (To get this effect you could paint a black rectangle on the wall and apply the white vinyl right on top - so easy!)  Let me know if you want one - or if you'd like something similar with a different set of rules/list/color/etc.  At this size the vinyl would be $40 and come in three pieces, for easy application.


connorandmaddiesmom said...

I'm interested in something similar....can you email me and let me know how much.

Scrap Happy said...
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