Monday, July 7, 2008

This is what I do — HIRE ME!

This blog is a business idea, for me to sell myself and all that I do - - graphic design, copywriting, blog design and maybe even a craft or two! Who knows how it will end up? These are the things I have done, and hopefully can do more of, in the future:

Logo design
Business Cards
Baby Announcements
Christmas Cards
Photo editing
Advertising Copy

Samples and price lists are forthcoming on this blog as well, so tell all your friends who may enjoy my services to HIRE ME!


bryn said...

you are mad talented! congrats on the new business venture.

Linda said...

How did I not know you did this? I have 2 quotes I'd love to get on a sign together, but have no idea because one is long, maybe you can use your awesome design skills and help me figure something out?